Understanding the Differences Between Mac and PC

man using a macbook pro

Most people will only have a vague idea of what Mac or PC is. If you want to take the initiative to clear this up, you can easily get the answer when browsing through these following images.

Computer and the word “computer” come from the same source. It is basically a means of communicating via radio waves. When an electrical current is passed through the two wires, it creates a direct and a dangerous charge which will cause damage to the other one.

A Mac is a desktop computer, which uses disk storage as its medium of writing data. On the other hand, a PC, on the other hand, is a portable PC that works using the “hard disk” of the system.

Whose Microproccessor is Better?

The difference between Mac and PC is the microprocessor that is used to do the task. It is the part of the machine that determines how data is processed. The microprocessor, however, is also the most important component of the whole computer. If it malfunctions, the computer will be useless.

The hard drive is the part of the computer that stores data. Hard drives are generally used for recording information as well as retrieving them later on.

Sometimes, the differences between Mac and PC are similar to the differences between an electric train and a flat road. These differences are mainly in the connectivity options. In most cases, PCs allow you to connect your computer to a printer or a keyboard, while Mac computers don’t support these technologies. This is because a Mac’s connection is via a USB cable while a PC uses a PCI Express or FireWire port.

Before you can understand whether you should go with a Mac or PC, you should realize that the process is completely different in terms of installation. To take the example of the internet, Macs can be easily hooked up to the web, while PCs require a formal installation process.

Why Macs Cost More Than PCs

When it comes to prices, Macs cost more than PCs. This is primarily because Macs require a professional programmer who knows how to install them. It would be impractical for any individual to learn about computer configurations and programming so quickly. Even if you could afford to buy one, buying one with more features and programs may be more beneficial for you.

Champions of Computer Experience: Apple

Apple has been known to surpass the competition in terms of computing experience, but they are not the only ones. When it comes to compatibility, Macs outrank PCs because PCs are more easily customized than Macs.

It may sound contradictory, but the reasons why you should use a Mac are actually easy to understand once you know why you should use a PC. First, Macs are cheaper. Second, they do not need constant attention from the maintenance person.

  • Third, you can perform basic tasks such as creating an email or shopping online without having to pay for a PC.
  • Finally, you can read emails using an instant messenger or write documents using an office program like Microsoft Word.
  • You cannot perform any of these tasks with a PC.

If you have finally decided that you need to purchase a computer that is compatible with both types of computers, then you should take the time to figure out which one works best for you. If you just need the best performing computer for your needs, then go ahead and buy a Mac, but if you want a powerful computer that you can rely on, then a PC is better suited for you.