Why Should You Build Your Own Computer?

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A common question in creating a computer is, how to build your own computer. You might be asked why you would want to build your own computer and if you should or shouldn’t do it. Before answering this question, I will answer the main question that everyone asks: Why should you build your own computer?

Building Your Own Computer Can Save You Money

The main reason why most people decide to build their own computer is for the cost savings. When you build your own computer you save money on buying every part individually. Buying each and every part separately means you can save more money. It also allows you to build your own computer with components that are more useful to you than what you can buy at the store.

Another reason why people choose to build their own computer is because they enjoy being able to customize their computer. You get to design your own computer, using parts that you like and can afford.

Plan Before You Build

So, now that you know why people choose to build their own computer, let’s talk about the actual process of building your own computer. First thing you should do is get your plan, diagrams, instructions, and the tools you need. Now you should shop around and find the best plans that you can find to do your build.

There are two kinds of plans that you can find. The first is for a single processor and the second is for a dual processor. One of the most popular single processor plans is called the Bluebook range.

The Bluebook range is one of the cheapest single processor plans that are available. The plans that are made for single processors require you to solder a couple of wires together to hold them in place. These plans are not usually good enough for the professional builder.

The Bluebook range of plans also allows you to build multiple processors but there is no way you can fit all the components onto the processor. In order to build multiple processors, you would have to get a separate series of plans for a series of processors. I personally would rather not have to do this so I wouldn’t bother with this option.

The other option is to go with the Dual Bluebook range of plans. With these plans you get complete guidance with all the hardware involved and there is almost no soldering involved. The components will fit into one processor socket.

The only downside to the Dual Bluebook range of plans is that they cost a little more than the single processors. The plans themselves are very detailed, so you should have no problem finding the right parts for your computer. They are also a little cheaper.

Different plans require different hardware to build your computer. What you get when you purchase one of the plans should be able to fit in your computer perfectly. Depending on the size of your computer will determine how much you need to spend on hardware.

  • The better plans out there will give you detailed drawings and the amount of time you will need to make your computer.
  • Most plans will give you two options. The first is to just follow the written directions or to do a little bit of computer assembly.
  • This decision should be made by you, because it will save you time and money when building your own computer.

Building your own computer should be an enjoyable experience, not a frustrating one. The best option that you have is to find a good set of plans and do some computer assembly and then follow the written instructions.